Tuesday, December 25, 2007

our new foster boy "shep"...

shep was abandoned by his owner at a shelter in bellefontaine, ohio. he came to our attention through the urgent section of germanshepherds.com, a message board of miracle workers and angels, who give immeasurable time and energy to help german shepherd dogs everywhere, many in dire circumstances. in the last year we've been able to help several dogs from this board with either transport or help with medical care, a very rewarding experience when the dog has a new home or gets the treatment they need. we were supposed to pick this boy up in toledo on the wednesday after thanksgiving, he was then going to catch a transport out east to a sanctuary in new hampshire. however, over the thanksgiving holiday weekend the sanctuary had several emergent intakes, and by sunday night this boy's "room at the inn" had vanished. then on monday, as we were working to find somewhere else for him to by wednesday, shelter workers called to say that they could not wait until wednesday, he either had to come to us in toledo on tuesday, or, shall we say, the outlook was not good. so, pick him up we did...and with the help of some great friends he had a safe place to stay, while we made a safe place for him to stay here with us, the fifth (!!!) member of our pack. for more of shep's story please go to:


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